Puteriputeri – Jakarta, Colombia is currently one of the main cultural attractions of Latin America for the creation of movie projects, especially in the field of production, direction as well as for being the second country with the most biologically diversity in the world, making in the perfect setting for the creation of the movie projects.
Tanks to the approval of the law on Public Performance and the law on Filming Colombia, the film industry has been strengthened in the country and today it is possible to reimburse domestic and foreign producers up to 40% of the investment in cinematographic expenses and 20% of logistical expenses, motivating and strengthening te films shooting in the country.
For these reason, and in support to the Colombian big talent, the embassy of Colombia in Indonesia presents for the first time in Jakarta the Colombian Film Festival 2016, with the presentation of five films and documentaries.
The Embassy of Colombia in Indonesia, with the aim of promoting the cultural production of our country, invites you to enjoy the following presentations which has te backing and recognition from the Oscar Academy Awards, Film Festival of San Sebastian, Mar del Plata Film Festival, Festival of Havana, Festival of Lima, Platinum Awards, Fenix Awards and Latin American Film Foundation among many others.(Puteriputeri – Lrd Viga-801/Riri).

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